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STORM – The Lawn Pro granular fertilizers contain no phosphorous. Phosphates have been linked to algae growth on ponds due to runoff of some agricultural fields. We make every effort to improve our environment.  We even blow off any granules that stray onto your sidewalk or cement-work to prevent the possibility of runoff.

Our products are all registered for use on home and business lawns.  When used by our professional technicians in compliance with labeled instructions, our products represent no threat to your family or pets.  We apply our products using the most modern technology and accurate equipment available, designed to meet our own high standards, above and beyond state requirements.

You have children? And a dog or cat? No worries! STORM – The Lawn Pro has made literally thousands and thousands of treatments on lawns owned by parents of small children, pet owners, pet store owners, and pet care facilities, and we have never had a single incident or complaint. You can be very confident about the products we use.

STORM – The Lawn Pro uses all-natural weed control products to take care of any weeds found on Wisconsin lawns.  We use each product precisely in accordance with its label instructions, making healthy lawns that are good for people, pets, wildlife, and the environment.


Environmental Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

 Project Evergreen reports the following facts:

  1. The cooling effect of the average-sized lawn is equal to about 9 tons of air-conditioning, while the average home-size central air conditioning unit has only 3 to 4 tons capacity.
  2. Smart Money magazine reported that consumers value a home with a lawn and landscape up to 11.3% higher than the base price.
  3. As an air pollution control, a grassy area of just 50 feet by 50 feet absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, smoke, and dust particles from the atmosphere. That same lawn releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.
  4. With up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant in its roots, a well maintained lawn slows down the erosion of soil. Lawns keep topsoil and sediment out of lakes, streams, storm drains and roads.
  5. Turf grass purifies and filters runoff water. A lawn’s root mass and soil microbes act as a filter to capture and breakdown many types of water contaminants and pollutants.
  6. A study published by Environment and Behavior indicates that “by boosting children’s attention, green spaces may enable them to think more clearly and cope more effectively with life’s stress.”
  7. The beauty of a grassy area quickly affects people’s moods by creating feelings of serenity, thoughtfulness, happiness, and privacy. A lawn’s yearly cycles of growth and “color change” lift human spirits.

Liquid Weed Control Used by Storm – The Lawn Pro

STORM – The Lawn Pro is good for the environment.  We help you to grow a healthy, beautiful, green lawn, free of weed and insect infestations.  The products we use are nationally approved.  Our workers are knowledgeable and state certified experts.  Rest assured that, by using STORM – The Lawn Pro, you are helping the environment.  You are going green.  You and your lawn are being good for the environment.

STORM – The Lawn Pro exists to help you grow grass that’s truly healthy and green.

Granular Fertilizer Used by STORM – The Lawn Pro

Our granular fertilizer is made up mostly of the following components:

Nitrogen——-—promotes top growth

Potassium——promotes stem strength (tuff turf)

Iron———------—--promotes healthy deep green color

Sulfur——---——-helps neutralize alkaline soils and prevents “bad” fungus

Nitrogen is protein-rich matter (manures, compost, leafy materials like lawn clippings and green leaves). Our source of nitrogen – urea — is an organic compound that is solid, colorless, odorless, neither acidic nor alkaline, highly soluble in water, and non-toxic. Nitrogen makes up the greatest share of the fertilizer applied by STORM – The Lawn Pro. The other minerals in our fertilizer are also completely natural. They’re mined out of the earth, so they’re as natural as Mother Earth. After they are applied to your lawn, they disappear inside the plants as grass plants use them, similar to you consuming a healthy apple.

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