4- Step Mosquito Control Program

We have a 4-treatment program, in we visit your property 4 times during the spring and summer season. This program will ensure maximum protection from mosquitoes during all of the beautiful months that you and your family enjoy being outside. Although the 4- treatment program is highly recommended to ensure the best continued control of mosquitoes.


Our highly trained, licensed, and certified applicators will apply this mosquito control formulation to all areas of your property that may be harboring mosquitoes. These areas include trees, shrubs, foliage, plants, the exterior of your home, as well as other moist and shady areas on your property that may be harboring mosquitoes such as under your porch/deck. The formula will be applied as a fine mist through the use of top-of-the-line mist blowers that will ensure maximal coverage of all the treated areas.

In addition to mosquitoes, our treatments will also control a long list of other bothersome insects that come in contact with the product, including ticks, fleas, ants, flies, earwigs, wasps, and many other pest.

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