Why do weeds tend to grow along my sidewalk and driveway, the most prominent places in my front yard?

Any airborne weed seeds that land on your sidewalk or driveway have a good chance of being blown or washed off the cement and into the soil along the edges. This soil receives a lot of the runoff water too, making it a great place for weeds to germinate quickly. In addition, heat radiates off the cement to keep the adjacent soil warm during cold nights. But just as these weeds seeds found their way off the cement, granular weed control also can be blown or washed to the edges to do their business and take care of your weeds. These weeds along the edges of your driveway and sidewalks are also easy targets for spot treating with liquid weed control later on when (or if) they’ve emerged.  STORM – The Lawn Pro believes when your lawn looks good, we look good. So we absorb the cost of the extra sticking product because we know the benefits your lawn will receive. We also clean your sidewalk and driveway by blowing them off before we leave. Along with reducing the risk of run-off granules, we like to leave your property looking as good as or better than when we arrived.

Dandelions are some of America’s most noticeable weeds because their pretty yellow flowers stand out so strikingly against your grassy backdrop, and they reproduce so prolifically. Fortunately for many lawn owners, dandelions are easy to control. They bloom twice a summer, so a liquid weed control should be applied in May or June and again in August or September. In addition black medic, clover, plantain, thistles, creeping Charlie, and other broadleaf weeds will be taken care of with liquid weed control at the same time as dandelions.


A high quality lawn care service will mix in an extra “spreader sticker” product in order to make their liquid weed control product adhere to the weeds instead of just running right off. This sticking product gives you much faster, stronger control of all your weeds in almost any kind of weather. The “spreader" allows a drop of liquid weed control to spread over the entire surface of the weed’s leaf. It is then certain to be absorbed by the weed through the entire leaf. Both before and after the liquid weed control has dried onto the weed leaves, the sticking agent won’t allow the liquid weed control product to wash off. STORM- THE LAWN PRO uses three liquid weed control products, plus a spreader sticker combined into one treatment. This will take care of any weeds commonly found in Wisconsin lawns. A healthy weed-free lawn is good for people, pets, wildlife, and the environment.

FYI... Round-Up is the name of a product that is often applied to “bare ground areas” to kill weeds. Round-Up also kills grass, so never use Round-Up on your lawn. We would recommend the use of Round-Up to be applied carefully to kill weeds growing in your sidewalk or driveway cracks, or growing in landscaping stones, wood chips, gravel, or your parking lot. Our liquid weed control product is even “smarter” than Round-Up, because it is selective about what it affects. When sprayed on lawns it will know the difference between weeds and grass. Our liquid weed control will eliminate the weeds while allowing grass to live, thereby getting rid of the weeds and helping grass to survive and thrive.

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