Insect Control

In the Fox Cities area, STORM – The Lawn Pro is able to help homeowners with all their insect control and insecticide applications. All healthy lawns have a good, healthy number of insects, but a well-balanced ecosystem can be thrown off, especially by hot dry weather or poor topsoil.

When insects reach infestation levels in your lawn, you must step in. But what can you do to control an overpopulation, of ants, grub worms, cinch bugs, sod web worms, lawn moths, spiders, aphids, mosquitoes, flies, and other nasty pests which make themselves to home in your lawn, before it happens?

Preventative Insect Control

Insect pests thrive on healthy and unhealthy short cut lawns leaving dead lawns in their place. Mow your lawn high, especially during July and August. Because many insects are hearty enough to do well in hot or sandy soil, they enjoy the thin, short-cut grass which allows this type of lawn to become an insect resort!  Water your lawn for two hours before going to work in the morning (not after supper).  Do this every seven days in July and August. Remember to mow your lawn at the highest setting.  This will reduce insect pests and prevent infestation. Your insect resort is closed!

If you follow proper practices for watering, mowing, and fertilizing, in three to five years you will probably never need insect control again. 
Your lawn will not only look healthy; It will be healthy, thick and green.  Proper watering, mowing, and fertilizing are the best preventative methods of weed control and insect control.

Reactive Insect Control

It doesn’t take long for skunks, possums, and raccoons to discover there is an overpopulation of grubs in your lawn, and these animals can rip up and destroy a large section of lawn in one night, feeding on grubs. Ants, sod web worms, and cinch bugs can also create large patches of dead grass. Many insects that overpopulate in lawns will hatch during the heat of the summer in the Fox Cities/ Appleton area. This is the time for an insecticide application if you need one.

STORM – The Lawn Pro stands ready to care for your lawn by getting rid of your insect problems. We can apply an insecticide to your lawn that will bring population levels down to normal, healthy numbers again, which will prevent further damage to your lawn. Please contact us online or at 920-757-1777 if you should have any questions or would like to receive a free, no-strings-attached, estimate.

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